Fitters' rooms and accommodation for workers and fitters in Munich

Accommodations and fitter's rooms in Munich
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The city of Munich enjoys rapid growth and more and more people are flocking to the big city to make for a new life there. There are lots of jobs and people looking for work will find it here. But Munich is also known for its expensive prices. There are a lot of new buildings but apartments are still in short supply and this is especially true when it comes to affordable housing.

More and more people are therefore deciding to turn their backs on the big city and move with their families to rural areas. Rents are still affordable there even for the less well paid worker. Yet many people also decide not to give up their jobs in Munich. They become commuters who go home on weekends and dwell in Munich during the week. There are also enough people who come to Munich only on assembly and will accordingly look for a cheap overnight accommodation, such as an assembly room.

Cheap accommodations and fitters' rooms are rare

Since Munich is expensive, labourers have a hard time finding accommodation that does not stress the budget too much. Such accommodations there are still, even though the research may take some time. A small apartment could be rented or a room hired as a sublet instead. Usually they will exceed the monthly budget, though, since a labourer in Munich will also continue having expenses for the prime apartment or house. More and more hotels and guesthouses are getting aware of this problem and therefore offer cheap accommodation for fitters and workers for them to dwell in while working in Munich. This also brings the benefit about that no furniture will have to be bought and you are not bound to rigid notice periods.
Research for an apartment in Munich is completely out of bounds. Unless you have good contacts, you will have to be very patient until the housing office offers a suitable object. Searching on your own is usually of little use as many people apply for cheap accommodation. And weekend commuters are not so welcome, either. Although they are ideal tenants because they are at work all day long, they often don't have much money left because they will have to pay rent in their home town in additional to this accommodation. Many lessors feel uneasy with that, that’s why they prefer letting to local residents of Munich.
This situation will certainly improve in the near future, since many new development areas are being planned and construction has been intensely going on for years. But there will be no change to the number of people cramming in Munich, because this city is really attractive. It does not only offer quality of life but also good and well-paid jobs. Munich is also very interesting for students because its university is one of the best in Germany. You have to be aware of it: there will probably always be inexpensive accommodation for workers and fitters available, such as a fitter's room.