Hotel near Olympic Park and Stadium

The Olympic Park of Munich is a sight many tourists are familiar with. In 1972, the Olympic Games were held in the Olympic Stadium, marred by a terrorist assassination. Today, the Olympic Park offers a lot of leisure activities and invites you to take a nice walk. A walk through the Olympic Park in spring is absolutely breathtaking. Goose and ducklings will paddle with their feather parents through the lake and the many trees are in full blossom. You can smell the sweet scent of the blossoming fruit trees in the air and in many places you can also find beguilingly smelling lilac. Particularly in the summer months, events and concerts are often held in the Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium, regularly attracting many visitors. During the winter time there is not offered as much, but even then there are still events that are interesting for winter sportspeople. Active sportspeople may of course also visit the ice stadium. Travellers from outside will probably need a nice place to stay over night and there are plenty of these in Munich. They differ not only in price but also in ambience, and some of them are strongly reminiscent of overcrowded bunkbeds where there is no relax. Visit events and concerts in Munich and stay overnight in one of its beautiful hotels where you will certainly feel at home.

True culture - quickly accessible from the Olympic Park

The Olympic Park is quite in the centre of the district of Milbertshofen. Right around the corner begins the great empire of BMW. You can visit the BMW Motorwelt and arvel at its large complex. The U3 metro line takes you from there to the city centre but also to Feldmoching, already on the outskirts. The U3 takes about 15 minutes to reach the square of Marienplatz and is the ideal starting point for a city tour. From there you can visit the town hall or the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), but you can also walk to the central station. There is a bus that offers a sightseeing tour of the city. In general, the city centre provides much to see. There is something for every taste, from museums to exhibitions. Ther only thing there is no room for in Munich is boredom, and if you find the evening passing too slowly, you should visit Schwabing and experience its nightlife. It may not be nearly as exhilarating any more as it was 30 years ago, but life is still raging in Schwabing.
If you prefer to see the outskirts, you can take the U3 metro line to Feldmoching. This journey takes about 10 minutes and ends at the northernmost part of Munich. The district once had a bad reputation because it was a pure working-class quarter with a high crime rate. Nowadays the north of Munich has developed into a beautiful and still rather inexpensive area for young people and families. You can also take the local train (S-Bahn) from Feldmoching out of Munich and have a look at the rural area beyond.